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    3528 Colorful IP65 Waterproof LED Strip Light
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Product Abstract:

LED Chip: SMD3528
Color: Colorful
Waterproof: Yes

Product Description
5050 Colorful IP65 Waterproof LED Strip Light
Product Features
1. High quality highlight smart chip. The advantages of small power consumption, low heat, no glare, impact resistance etc. Low voltage DC12V power supply, high safety and reliability.
2. High transparent green soft rubber, high light transmittance, green environmental protection.
3. Colorful variety can be adjusted by the controller according to the customer’s requirement.
4. IP65 glue waterproof and moistureproof, fully adapted to the various indoor environment (long time in water to use is not recommended)
5. Pure copper plate, electrical conductivity, stronger antioxidant capacity, longer lifespan and more stable.
6. Strongly softness materials which can be arbitrarily curved. To avoid the lamp with broken, deformation and sealing-off issue.
7. Packaging: 5 m/roll, 3M glue at the back of lamp strip, electrostatic bag packaging.
8. Convenient and freedom cutting and welding: each group of LED can form a loop, can be arbitrary along the tangent truncation and welding meet customer requirements of various light length needs light, thin, fit in narrow space installation.
9. Can match 24 keys or 44 keys remote controller and constant current power supply.
Specifications Datasheet


3528 Colorful IP65 60LEDs/m LED Strip Light

LED Chip



RGB, Colorful





LED Quantity


Input Voltage

DC 12V



PCB Color





Hotel, club, KTV, water droplets, smallpox groove design, stair, door frames, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinet, DIY home decoration, jewelry shelves lighting, cabinet lighting, display lighting, store decoration lighting, lighting art lighting, hotel, villa home lighting, lighting signal etc

Necessary accessories

Need to support a dedicated power supply
Control Theory
An IC control three LEDs to form a loop (a group), the controller through the inside of the control IC for FPCB to control circuit, so as to control LED lights change different effects, such as flashing, chase and jump, monkey clockwise and anticlockwise monkey, monochromatic monkey, monkey discoloration, single chase from beginning to end, flowing water, simulation of lightning etc. The article lamp’s changing effect is not limited to the current controller built-in 94 kinds of effect, can according to customer needs to write. Line screen can display, in the form of words, letters, pictures, animations and so on.
LED Strip Light Source
LED Strip Light Waterproof Level
Color Temperature for Reference
LED Strip Light Advantages
1. Softness: flexible LED strip light taking very soft FPC as the base board, can bend without any break, easy to shape, and it’s necessary suitable for all kinds of advertising modelling .
2. Pure color: flexible LED strip light taking high brightness SMD LED as luminous element, That with the advantages of LED components, pure, soft and no glare. Both can be used as decoration and lighting.
3. Low lighting heat: flexible LED strip light luminous element is LED, since single LED power is very low, generally for [3528] 0.04W~0.08W, [5050] 0.2W~0.24W that heat is not high. It can be used as the decoration lighting in the fish tank, instead of establishing a water temperature increase caused by the high number of calories that affected the fish growth.
4. Energy saving: flexible LED strip light power only [3528] 4.8W per meter, LED soft light of [5050] of the power of 14.4W per meter, compared with traditional lighting and decoration lamp, low power for several times but much better effect.
5. Environmental protection: flexible LED strip light forming materials whether LED or FPC, its materials are using environmental protection material, can be recycled and will not because a large number of applications and cause environmental pollution or harm.
6. Long lifespan: the normal application lifespan of flexible LED strip light lifespan is 8~100000 hours, 24hours day continue working, the lifespan is about more or less 10years. Therefore, the flexible LED strip light lifespan is several times to traditional lamps.
7. Wide application: flexible LED strip light because of characteristics of soft, light, color pure etc features, which is widely used in building outline, steps, booth, bridge, hotel, KTV decoration lighting, as well as the production of advertising signs, all kinds of large-scale animation, calligraphy and painting of the advertisement design etc. With the gradually mature of flexible LED strip light technology, the application will be more extensive
8. Safety: flexible LED strip light using low voltage DC12V power supply voltage, so the application is very safe. No matter old person or children that can use it in safe application and do not cause potential safety hazard.
9. Simple installation: flexible LED strip light basing on light and thin, therefore, to taking double-sided adhesive also can realize fixed function.
3528 IP65 Colorful LED Strip Light
3528 IP65 Colorful LED Strip Light
3528 IP65 Colorful LED Strip Light
Main Application Areas
1. Building, wall advertising, signs, Christmas landscape decoration, festivals and other areas of the decorative wall to make city beauty and lighting effect.
2. Car beauty (car body and car bottom etc).
3. Landmark buildings, bridges, parks, such as outline for ornament lighting effect.
4. Support in the underwater lighting engineering.
5. The edge of the canopy and bridge arch/park/theater/plane cockpit lighting.
3528 Colorful LED Strip Light Application
Product Installation & Attention
1. Indoor installation: LED strip light for indoor installation is simple, since haven’t to withstand the wind and rain. Installation can go directly to tear light bar on the back of 3m double-sided adhesive on the surface of the sticker, then a fixed in the place where you need to install the lamp according to the flat. If there is any corner or article lamp is too long or too short, LED strip light can be brought in each group with scissors logo tangent place any cutting or welding used alone.
2. Outdoor installation: outdoor installation due to withstand the wind rain, can't use 3 m glue fixed, therefore often adopt the way of card slot fixed outdoor installation, need to cut and connection, methods as well as indoor installation, just need additionally equipped with waterproof glue, in order to consolidate the join waterproof effect.
3. Power supply according to the size of the LED strip light power and connection length.
4. Controller connection way: the LED strip with entertaining diversions and RGB strip lights need to use the controller to achieve change effect, and each of the controller controls different distance, in general, a simple controller control distance for 10 to 15 meters, remote controller to control a distance of 15 to 20 meters, the longest can control to 30 meters distance. If the LED strip with the connection of the distance is longer, and the controller can't control so long LED strip, then will need to use high power amplifier for tapping.
RGB LED Strip Light connect with AC to DC Adapter
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